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Airdrop Farmoor Tee

Airdrop Farmoor Tee

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Join the fun of crypto culture with our Airdrop Farmoor Tee, part of the unique Airdrop Farmoor collection.

This tee features a lively illustration of farmer Pepe, busy harvesting an array of crypto projects, showcasing the humorous side of the crypto world. It's not merely a tee but a playful nod to the vibrant crypto farming community. Ideal for those who revel in the spirited and entertaining aspects of cryptocurrency. Complete your meme-inspired look with other items from our collection, celebrating the iconic Pepe and the essence of internet culture.

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Size guide

  BODY LENGTH (inches) CHEST WIDTH (inches) SLEEVE LENGTH (inches)
S 27 ¼ 19 ¼ 8 ⅛
M 28 ¼ 20 ½ 8 ½
L 29 ⅛ 21 ¾ 8 ⅞
XL 29 ⅞ 22 ¾ 8 ⅞
2XL 30 ¾ 24 9 ¼
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